I am a fanatic when it comes to building stuff and especially a big interest in web applications. With this interest, I stumbled upon a project called Flask in 2015 and loving it ever since!

Multi-Post Tutorial Series on Flask:

This post will serve as a index page for a multi-post tutorial on Getting Started with Python Flask, where we will go from Setting Up your Python Flask Environment, to Decorators, Rendering HTML through Jinja Templates, to interacting with Databases etc.

Tutorial Series Breakdown:

  • Introduction to Python Flask
  • Hello World Example
  • Environment Setup
  • Routing
  • Requests (wip)
  • Render Templates (wip)
  • Static Files (wip)
  • Using Bootstrap (wip)
  • Session Handling (wip)
  • Forms with Flask-WTForms
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy: SQLite Databases
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy: MySQL Databases (wip)
  • Flask-MongoAlchemy: MongoDB Databases (wip)
  • Asynchronous Tasks with Celery and RabbitMQ (wip)
  • API with MongoDB (wip)
  • Application Structure (wip)
  • Deploying to a Webserver (wip)
  • to be updated

I will update this page as I do the write-ups on the posts and all posts will also be tagged under /tag/Flask-Series .

Let's get started with our first post on a Gentle Introduction to Flask