Replace Faulty Bricks in GlusterFS

Previous Posts: From our GlusterFS Series we have covered the following: GlusterFS: Distributed Replicated Volume GlusterFS: Distributed Storage Volume GlusterFS: Replicated Storage Volume GlusterFS: Adding Bricks to your Volume GlusterFS: Replace Faulty Bricks Replacing Faulty GlusterFS Bricks: Today we will

Setup a GlusterFS Distributed Replicated Volume

Today we will setup a Distributed-Replicated GlusterFS Volume. ( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { 'units' : [] }; }; var unit = {"calltype":"async[2]","publisher":"rbekker87","width":728,"height":90,"sid":"Chitika Default"}; var placement_id = window.CHITIKA.units.length; window.CHITIKA.units.

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