XtreemFS is a Distributed Filesystem and it's pretty awesome!

It's features includes, but not limited to:

  • XtreemFS automatically handles all failure modes.
  • Fault-Tolerant Replication gives you a peace of mind.
  • XtreemFS is also scalable, where you can add datanodes to your distributed filesystem to expand your storage needs.

In this tutorial, I will be working with 3 nodes, demonstrating how the Distributed Setup works.

Our Environment:

xtrmfs1: (master)

On each node, setup XtreemFS:

Setup XtreemFS:

$ cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

$ wget "http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/xtreemfs/CentOS_6/home:xtreemfs.repo"
yum install xtreemfs-client xtreemfs-server -y


We will update dir_service.host to our xtrmfs1 node on each of our targeted XtreemFS nodes:

$ sed -i s'/dir_service.host = localhost/dir_service.host = xtrmfs1/'g /etc/xos/xtreemfs/osdconfig.properties

$ sed -i s'/dir_service.host = localhost/dir_service.host = xtrmfs1/'g /etc/xos/xtreemfs/mrcconfig.properties

Once this is done on all of our nodes, let start up XtreemFS on only our first node xtrmfs1 :

Start XtreemFS:

# start directory, metadata en object storage device (osd) service
$ /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-dir start
$ /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-mrc start
$ /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-osd start

Also ensure that the FUSE Kernel modue is loaded:

$ modprobe fuse

Once everything is started, you can view statistics on: http://localhost:30638

Creating the Volume:

$ mkfs.xtreemfs xtrmfs1/vol1

Creating the Mountpoint Directory:

$ mkdir /vol1

Mount XtreemFS:

$ mount.xtreemfs xtrmfs1/vol1 /vol1

View Diskspace:

$ df -h
Filesystem             Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvda1             7.8G  1.2G  6.5G  16% /
[email protected]/vol1  7.8G  1.2G  6.5G  16% /vol1

At this moment in time XtreemFS is only started on node xtrmfs1 so we are only seeing the disk space of xtrmfs1. Now we will continue to node xtrmfs2

Setup the second node:

$ /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-dir start
$ /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-mrc start
$ /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-osd start
$ modprobe fuse

$ mkdir /vol1
$ mount.xtreemfs xtrmfs1/vol1 /vol1

Once this is mounted, view the disk space:

$ df -h
Filesystem              Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvda1              7.8G  1.2G  6.5G  16% /
[email protected]/vol1   16G  2.4G   13G  16% /vol1

Setup the last node:

At this moment we can see that our storage space increased from 6.5G to 13G. Continue on our last node and do the same, there after verify your diskspace, and for my scenario, it looked like this:

$ df -h
Filesystem              Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvda1              7.8G  1.2G  6.5G  16% /
[email protected]/vol1   24G  3.5G   20G  16% /vol1


Let's setup a Replication Factor of 3 with a Read/Write Policy attached to it:

$ xtfsutil --set-drp --replication-policy quorum --replication-factor 3 /vol1

Copy/Write a file to our XtreemFS Volume:

$ echo "test" > /vol1/test.txt

Now, check the replicas for the file:

$ xtfsutil /vol1/test.txt 

Path (on volume)     /test.txt
XtreemFS file Id     b67e6dc8-5c2c-4089-babf-f21f11d6db99:14
XtreemFS URL         pbrpc://xtrmfs1:32638/vol1/test.txt
Owner                root
Group                root
Type                 file
Replication policy   WqRq
XLoc version         0
  Replica 1
     Striping policy     STRIPING_POLICY_RAID0 / 1 / 128kB
     OSD 1               f51d0f71-fa55-4280-b00d-70ed9dcd98cf (
  Replica 2
     Striping policy     STRIPING_POLICY_RAID0 / 1 / 128kB
     OSD 1               1bda047c-cc0b-4126-904e-4738f967f833 (
  Replica 3
     Striping policy     STRIPING_POLICY_RAID0 / 1 / 128kB
     OSD 1               2fc25d56-1511-462d-b7ae-bb3cbeaa9226 (

Have a look at a Replication with Failover demo:

For more information on Replication, check out their Docs