In our previous post, we have Setup Minio Server which is a self-hosted alternative to Amazon's S3 Service.

We will go through some basic examples on working with the Python SDK, to interact with Minio.

Installing the Minio Python Library:

Ensure that Python and Pip is installed, the install the Python Minio Library:

$ virtualenv -p /usr/local/bin/python2.7 .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate
(.venv)$ pip install minio

Create a Bucket:

Enter the Python Interpreter and Create a S3 Bucket on your Minio Server:

>>> from minio import Minio
>>> client = Minio('', access_key='ASDASDASD', secret_key='ASDASDASD', secure=False)
>>> client.make_bucket('pythonbucket', location='us-west-1')

List Buckets:

I have also created a bucket from my previous post, so we should have 2 buckets:

>>> buckets = client.list_buckets()
>>> for bucket in buckets:
...     print(bucket).name

Put Objects to your Bucket:

Write a string to a file, then upload the file to 2 different destination objects. The arguments is: BucketName, Destination, Source.

>>> data = open('file.txt', 'w')
>>> data.write('This is some text' + '\n')
>>> data.close()

>>> client.fput_object('pythonbucket', 'bucket/contents/file.txt', 'file.txt')
>>> client.fput_object('pythonbucket', 'bucket/contents/file2.txt', 'file.txt')

List Objects in your Bucket:

List the objects in your bucket:

>>> objects = client.list_objects('pythonbucket', prefix='bucket/contents/', recursive=True)
>>> for obj in objects:
>>> for obj in objects:
...     print(obj.object_name, obj.size)
('bucket/contents/file.txt', 18)
('bucket/contents/file2.txt', 18)

Remove Objects from your Bucket:

Remove the objects from your Bucket, the list your bucket to verify that they are removed:

>>> client.remove_object('pythonbucket', 'bucket/contents/file.txt')
>>> client.remove_object('pythonbucket', 'bucket/contents/file2.txt')

>>> for obj in objects:
...     print(obj.object_name, obj.size)

Remove the Bucket:

Remove the Bucket that we created:

>>> client.remove_bucket('pythonbucket')
>>> exit()


Minio has some great documentation, for more information on their SDK: