At this time of writing (2019.06.10) Scaleway's Kubernetes as a Service, named Kapsule is in Private Beta and got access and pretty stoked on how easy it is to provision a Kubernetes cluster.

What are we doing today?

In this tutorial I will show you how easy it is to provision a 3 node Kubernetes Cluster on Scaleway. In the upcoming tutorial, I will create traefik as an ingress controller and deploy applications to our cluster. Github Repo Version available for now

Provision a Kapsule Cluster

Head over to Kapsule and provision a Kubernetes Cluster:

At this point in time, I will only create a one node "cluster", as I want to show how to add pools after the intial creation.

After the cluster has been provisioned, you will get information about your endpoints from the Cluster Infromation Section, which we will need for our ingresses:

Scroll down to download your config:

Move your config in place:

$ mv ~/Downloads/kubeconfig-k8s-mystifying-torvalds.yaml ~/.kube/config

Interact with your Cluster

Test the connection by getting the info of your nodes in your kubernetes cluster:

$ kubectl get node
NAME                                             STATUS    ROLES     AGE       VERSION
scw-k8s-mystifying-torvalds-default-7f263aabab   Ready     <none>    4m        v1.14.1

Add more nodes:

Provision another pool with 2 more nodes in our cluster:

After the pool has been provisioned, verified that they have joined the cluster:

$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                                             STATUS    ROLES     AGE       VERSION
scw-k8s-mystifying-torvald-jovial-mclar-25a942   Ready     <none>    2m        v1.14.1
scw-k8s-mystifying-torvald-jovial-mclar-eaf1a2   Ready     <none>    2m        v1.14.1
scw-k8s-mystifying-torvalds-default-7f263aabab   Ready     <none>    15m       v1.14.1

Master / Node Capabilities

Usually, I will label master nodes as master: and worker nodes as nodes: to allow container scheduling only on the worker nodes. But Scaleway manages this on their end and when you list your nodes, the nodes that you see are your "worker" nodes.

The master nodes are managed by Scaleway.

Well Done Scaleway

Just one more reason I really love Kapsule. Simplicity at its best, well done to Scaleway. I hope most of the people got access to private beta, but if not, im pretty sure they will keep the public informed on public release dates.