This post will guide you through the steps on how to send SMS messages with Python and Twilio. We will use API to get a random quote that we will include in the body of the sms.

Signup for a Trail Account:

Sign up for a trail account at Twilio then create a number, which I will refer to as the sender number, take note of your accountid and token.

Create the Config:

Create the config, that will keep the accountid, token, sender number and recipient number:

secrets = {
    'account': 'xxxxxxxx',
    'token': 'xxxxxxx',
    'sender': '+1234567890',
    'receiver': '+0987654321'

Create the Client:

We will get a random quote via's API which we will be using for the body of our text message, and then use twilio's API to send the text message:

from config import secrets
from import Client
import requests

twilio_acountid = secrets['account']
twilio_token = secrets['token']
twilio_receiver = secrets['receiver']
twilio_sender = secrets['sender']

quote_response = requests.get('').json()

client = Client(

message = client.messages.create(

Message Preview:

Then within a couple of seconds your message should look something more or less like this:

For more info, have a look at their docs: