Setup a NFS Server on Ubuntu

Quick post on how to setup a NFS Server on Ubuntu and how to setup a mount point on the client side to interact with the NFS Server. Server Side: In this post will be the

How to setup a Gateway to Gateway VPN using IPSec on CentOS

window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"3dfcff447b6ee598231eeb658","lid":"5c36081d06","uniqueMethods":true}) }) In this tutorial we will setup a gateway to gateway IPSec VPN using OpenSwan. The Scenario: The scenario we will

Unable to Launch EMR Clusters with Cronjobs

The Issue: I was trying to Schedule the Launch of EMR Clusters using Cronjobs where I have noticed that it fails via cronjobs but passes via cli. The reasoning behind this in my experience was that the PATH variable that

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